Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chagauramas, Trinidad

I sailed for about nine hours from Prickly Bay towards Trinidad then the wind went completely flat so motored the last seven hours to Chagauramas. What a suprise! Cannot remember the last time I saw so much plastic, trees and garbage in the water. At one point I retreived the boat pole and pushed a large island of floating crap away from the hulls. It had rained 4 inches the previous night so there was a lot washed off the shore but it was excessive.
Chagauramas is a very busy port. Not only is the yachting industry going full blast but it is a support base for Trinidads oil and gas works. Needless to say the harbor is full of oil rig support craft and refit services. I have never seen a place with so many sail boats on the hard.There are six different places to haul and store sail boats. Peake has a 150 ton travel lift and Crews Inn sports a 200 ton lift!

My plan is to leave the boat on the hard at Peakes  for a month and when I return polish,wax and do the bottom.

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