Friday, July 2, 2010

St Barts

Dropped anchor in Gustavia on the island of St Barts. Very upscale spot on the chain. It was the low season as most yachts have departed for the season. The town was set up for the yachting crowd. .Never seen so many beautiful young people in one spot. How did they get here and how can they afford to stay? I was told trust funds. Looks like a good time to this sailor. The anchorage was good for the cat but my friends in monos were whingin about the roll so we moved north to Columbie Bay. It was a marine park so a mooring ball was required. At 4 euros it was tres reasonable. It is a great anchorage and well protected and quite scenic. The miltary controls most of this part so once you climb to the top of the hill you can travel no farther. Plans are to spend the night and leave early for Guadeloupe.

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