Sunday, June 27, 2010

St. Martin FWI

After a grueling 70 mile sail from Virgin Gorda I arrived in St Martin after 23 hours!!! My average speed was only 3.9 knots.

St Martin is a very pleasant surprise. The French influence on this island appears to be a very positive thing. The food and culture mixed with the Caribbean makes it an enjoyable place. The wine is subsidized by the government in France so a nice touch as well.

I took the hike around the island yesterday and went to the fort above the town. The island is divided between the Dutch and the French. I am anchored in Marigot Bay on the French Side. The Dutch side is across Simpson Lagoon and is much busier and more built up than the French. It appears most cruisers are anchored in the Lagoon. The Dutch side is very yacht oriented with chandlers every 1000 meters on the waterfront in the lagoon. The prices are more competitive then the USVI and St Martin is duty free so that helps a bit. The following picture was taken from the Fort St Louis.

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