Friday, June 4, 2010

LJ"s Vacation

 My good friend Larry Johnson came out from the Pacific NW to spend a week on Le Chat Beaute. We have seen better weather in these parts but it was still 85 and raining everyday. Our first stop was was Caneel Bay on St John. This is a favorite of LJ"s as he ate here the last time he was in the USVI. I have to admit the fare is good and the painkillers as good as any I have had in the islands.The Caneel Bay resort is up market as far as it goes and is fairly secluded with deer and donkeys ambling about the property.

The funny weather we were having also brought SW winds so we sailed over to the Baths on Virgin Gorda after stopping briefly at Sopers Hole on Tortola to clear customs. The Baths never seem to grow old. Truly a geologic wonder. Eons ago the granite boulders were suspended in lava. Erosion by the sea removed the lava and left boulders as big as a house jumbled together. These boulders form grottos and pools of sea water. As the light changes the look and feel of the grottos change as well..

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