Monday, October 5, 2015

Imperial Beach Day

 Imperial Beach. We got together with John and Marlene , who were staying in their land yacht at Imperial. Beach Day! The beach stretches all the way from Coronado to Mexico.

 YMCA has a portion of the beach for family activities.
 To get back to the mooring I need to pass by the USS Midway. It is now a museum. Hope to visit before we leave for Mexico.


Liz Chesney said...

Hey Queenie! It's Liz and Chris of s/v Espiritu (from Roatan...remember? We played cards aboard your Cat one night and had a blast, as I recall). We're heading south from San Pedro in about 8 days. We have a reservation at Baja Naval. Will we see you there? XO Chris and Liz, s/v Espiritu Our e-mail is Hope to see you soon!

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