Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cedar Key, Florida

About 25 miles North of Crystal River is the historic town of Cedar Key. Cedar Key has been around since the Revolutionary War and was indispensable for getting supplies past blockades in that war and the Civil War. On the west coast of Florida it was difficult for the blockaders to control as the water in these parts is extremely shallow and reefs abound.

Those with local knowledge were able to slip by the blockades and into the many Keys and shallow inlets. As the East Coast was effectively closede down by the blockade Cedar Key was quite important. Eventually the British captured the area. The Union did the same almost a century later.

The downtown was preserved with numerous old structures
 The fishing pier

Yours truly, I am the guy in the back
 One big alligator
Vat used to boil down sugar cane

The name Cedar Key is appropriate because the area abounds in cedar of a quality to make pencils. For many years the prominent industry was supplying the cedar for the Eberhard Pencil Company!

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