Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The sail from Dominica was a fast and very comfortable sail. Flat waters and 15-20 knots. Average for the trip was 8.2 knots. YES! As we approached English Harbor we made the decision to anchor there as it  was a great hurricane hole for the English Navy during Nelson's time.With Tomas coming we expected 25-30 knots in the area. As a matter of fact the landing is called Nelson's Dockyard in his honor. It is the most complete and restored naval fortification in the Caribbean.

 Nice view of English Harbor from Shirley Heights. Falmouth Harbor is in the background.
 Officers quarters that are restored. As it is the off season most buildings in the area are shuttered.
 Le Chat Beaute is in the foreground.
 The gunnery quarters.
 The Dockyard
 Fort Fredrickson which guards the entrance to the harbor.
 A nice old boat
 Administrative dockyard offices that have been turned into a restaurant.

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