Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Grenada Prison

Dave Ford from Mazama, Washington has joined the crew for the next three weeks. Dave used to be the Business Manager from Alaska Local 751 Ironworkers.

We had a little down time and Dave read in a guide book about the prison overlooking St Georges, so off we went. Built in 1670 it is one of the oldest in the Caribbean and recently held Maurice Bishop before his execution during the 1984 coup here in Grenada. That is when Reagan sent in the Marines to rescue the American students at the medical school. We went to the prison gates and asked about a tour. We were told no tours or admittance unless we were sentenced. We decided to visit the fort above the prison instead. Fort Fredickson.. The French started the fort after capturing Grenada from the British during the Napoleonic Wars. After the Treaty of Versailles the English were given back Grenada and they finished the fort. No shots ever fired in anger!

                 A great view of the Capitol, St Georges
     The Fort above the prison
 Fort with prison in background

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