Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back in Chagauramas

 Even in the yard nature abounds. One of the many butterflies that dry their wings in the morning.
 Underside of Le Chat Beaute
The boat almost ready for launch. Just waiting for the transporter.

Flew back to Trinidad a week or so ago and have been working long hours to get the boat ready to go back in the water. Those of you that have spent tie on the hard know how dusty, dirty and noisy it can be as well as unhealthy.

My plans this year are to paint the hull with anti-fouling, wax topsides and replace the Volvo type stuffing boxes.I employed a cruisers 15 year old son to help with the sanding and waxing. Justin of  Rio Luna was a great help as I was able to reduce the time living on the hard to eight days with his help.

The boat is currently Med moored to the dock at Peakes. The situation is calm at nights but every afternoon the rain squalls move in and it can get wild. I have so many lines out it looks like a spider web.

Been wondering if I would come back to Trinidad again to do work on the boat. I think probably not. I suppose once the prices here were quite competitive but anymore there equal to what you would pay in the States.Chagauramas is a filthy harbor full of debris. About once a day I have had to remove a piece of timber that was scratching my new anti fouling.Next time will probably go back to the States or Grenada.I think either place woulld be less cost with as good or better services.

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Greg said...

Hey Paddy!

We've found Puerto del Rey Marina in Fajardo, Puerto Rico to be a great place for haul-out and boat work. There are rental cars available at the marina, Wal-mart and West Marine are nearby, the US Postal Service delivers from the mainland at no extra charge, and enough people speak English that our pitiful Spanish has not been an issue at all. Also, flights to the US are cheap, PR makes a nice vacation spot, and the nearby islands (Culebra and Vieques) are a great place to begin or end a cruise.

sv Day Dreamer