Sunday, May 2, 2010


I have some time in the Pacific NW before I go back to the Virgins on May 3. The State of Washington opened the razor clam season to morning tides this week so off to Ocean Park. Located at the tip of the Long Beach peninsula, the area has long flat beaches that allow car access during clam tides.

I hooked up with Dale Rohl, an old friend from my days as an Ironworker. He resides in Ocean Park and has all the equipment to search for the elusive clam. His niece Denny was there as well as his cousin Mindy.They were my partners for the trip up the beach to capture the clams.As it was a minus tide were were all able to get our 15 clam limit in short order then back to Dale's clam shack to do the cleaning, which is quite a bit of tedious work if one is particular about guts. Denny is on the left with the clam in her mouth..

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