Saturday, June 27, 2009

Charleston, South Carolina

I have been here for almost a month and find Charleston a great city to live and hang on the hook. I had spent two weeks in the marina while back in the NW for a funeral. Very expensive but am now safely back on the hook opposite the marina.

The major part of the city is on a peninsula that connects with the other quarters via a series of new and very old bridges. There has been a major attempt to keep the peninsula part of the city as historic as possible. A feature I find appealing is a lot of the waterfront is actually wetland! So plenty of bird life is evident throughout the city.

After, the Great Depression a lot of American cities started developing the downtown areas clearing most of the old houses that were over a hundred years old. Renovation came very late to Charleston and buy the time it did there was intelligent thought that realized the neighborhoods should be preserved. So as you walk around Charleston's downtown area there are many houses 200-250 years old. It goes without saying they did not save the small houses although there are instances of less than mansion quality. It is easy to spend an entire day walking through the neighborhoods admiring the architecture and the gardens.

There are four colleges/universities in town so a big need for housing . Before the major renovations a lot of the owners could no longer afford the upkeep and the taxes so many of the houses were divide into apartments with the owner usually living on the top floor. This arrangement is still common so many of the houses have been in the sames families for generations.

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