Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The day dawned bright this morning over Porlamar. I have been on the boat since Saturday. No dinghy!!! I purchased the 15 Yamaha from the Swede and he let me borrow his old Avon until he was to make a new 11footer that he and a partner were attempting. Delivery was to be mid October....well ,Paul a Canadian friend on Quarterdeck contacted me and Vemascu,the local chandlry could get some Caribes for a couple hundred less than the Swede. The Swedes boat is an unkown commodity so I jumped on the Caribe deal. As I was not buying his yet unmade dinghy he took back his loaner. Fair enough. So now hopefully I will get my new dinghy to go with the new motor by Friday. Then I can get off the boat on my own power, other than the kayak!


Sad news today, a 61 year old cruiser was murdered by thieves at at an anchorage on the Venezuelan Coast. The details are available on


Anonymous said...

that is sooo sad ! :'(

Diane said...

This is exactly why I am so worried about you my brother.Please be very careful and wise in your choices of people that you let into your space. I love you and miss you.